The Easy MAPI Toolkit is available in three different versions:

  1. A Lite version.
  2. A Professional version
  3. An Enterprise version

The following table shows the contents and price of each version:

Lite* Professional Enterprise
Easy MAPI Core Components dcu only Source Source
Support for Appointments, Tasks & Sticky Notes Not Included Included Included
Support for folders other than the Inbox and Outbox Not Included Included Included
TRwMapiFolderDialog Not Included Source Source
TRwMAPIAddressBookDialog Not Included Source Source
TRwMapiMsgStoreParser Not Included Source Source
TRwMapiAddressBookParser Not Included Source Source
TRwMapiMsgStoreEvents Not Included Source Source
TRwMapiTableEvents Not Included Source Source
Form Manager Not Included Source Source
Outlook Sync. Object Not Included Source Source
IRwExchangeManageStore* Not Included Not Included Source
ICS Synchronisers Not Included Not Included Source
Meeting invitations and Task requests Not Included Not Included Source
Recurring Appointments Not Included Not Included Source
MAPI in NT-Service Not Supported Supported Supported
Single Developer License with 1 year S.A. EUR 99,00 EUR 279,00 ---
Site License with 1 year S.A. --- --- EUR 599,00
1 S.A. renewal of support and updates (S.A.) EUR 50,00 EUR 75,00 EUR 125,00

Software Assurance

S.A. stands for Software Assurance. With Software Assurance you will get access to all major and minor upgrades & updates at no further cost for a period of 1 year. After a year you will be asked to renew you subscription for another year. You can cancel your subscription at any time! Licensees with an active Software Assurance also get priorirty email support.

Without Software Assurance you may download and use every new build made available for the purchased version, for example if you purchased version, you can upgrade free of charge to,,, etc

Note 1: An Easy MAPI Lite license is only valid for a single Delphi version.

Note 2: Applications you develop for Microsoft Exchange Server may need to dynamically access multiple mailboxes. You can write such applications with help of the IRwExchangeManageStore component. Please note that these application require Privileged access.

Note 3: Registration accounts for the main version of the product. Upgrades to the next version (for example from 6.0.1.x to 6.1.0.x) will be made available to Easy MAPI Professional and Enterprise Licensees (without a SA license) at a special price.

Note 4: An Easy MAPI Lite License only offers e-mail and addressbook functionality. You can not use Easy MAPI Lite to create Folders, Sticky Notes, Appointments and Tasks. You can use Easy MAPI Lite to create Messages (=IPM.Note), Contact Items and Distributionlists.

The best way to find out more about Easy MAPI is to download a trial version. The trial version contains several examples and a helpfile. You can download the trial version at our download page.

If you have any questions or want more info... let us know at